Chord Distinction Game

For advanced musicians.

A great skill to acquire is the ability to distinguish between different chords. Is it a Major chord or a minor chord?


Challenge yourself to see if you can get ten out of 10. Make sure you get that green light on constant stream.


All chords are in the key of C. but can you distinguish between C Major, C Minor, C augmented, C diminished, C 7, C Minor 7, C Major 7, C Dim 7, C6, C Minor 6


Here' the list of notes for the chords above
C Major C----E----G
C Minor C----Eb---G
C Aug C----E----G#
C Dim C----Eb---Gb
C 7 C----E----G----A#
C Minor7 C----Eb---G----A#
C Major7 C----E----G----B
C Dim7 C----Eb---Gb---A
C6 C----E----G----A
C Minor6 C----Eb---G----A

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